Dunstan Dialogue 2017 Brian Lobel

3 March 2017

The Science Exchange

Sick of the Fringe & the Wellcome Trust

Brian was was brought to Adelaide by the Fringe Festival as part of their proposed Sick of the Fringe program for 2018.

Brian is a Senior Lecturer in Performing Arts at University of Chichester, an Associate Artist with Clod Ensemble’s Performing Medicine, a Core Member of Forest Fringe and a Wellcome Trust Public Engagement Fellow. He is a performer, teacher and curator who is interested in creating work about bodies and how they are watched, policed, poked, prodded and loved by others. Brian has shown work internationally in a range of contexts, from medical schools to galleries, cabarets to museums, marketplaces to forests, blending provocative humor with insightful reflection. Brian founded the Edinburgh The Sick of the Fringe program in 2015 along with producer Tracy Gentles – which is now expanding to London, Adelaide and elsewhere. The Sick of the Fringe supports and promotes art looking at health, medicine, illness, disability and the body.