Don Dunstan Oration 2012

8 November 2012

Raymond Spencer

Raymond Spencer

Raymond Spencer, head of the SA Government’s leading economic advisory board, presented the 2012 Don Dunstan Oration on the future of culture and performance in the South Australian Public Sector.

Raymond has been a key figure in the establishment of the Public Sector Renewal Program. The Program aims to provide the South Australian Public Sector with the knowledge and change management tools needed to deliver better outcomes in economic, social and environmental policy; it is about embracing a culture of innovation, community empowerment, and sustainability. The Program is central to realising the policy ambitions of the Government and it will be rolled out across all major agencies during 2013.

Raymond shared with attendees his views on the future of the South Australian public sector, the fundamental thinking behind the Public Sector Renewal Program, and the critical role that each public servant will play in building a revitalised and empowered working culture.


Culture and Performance in the Public Sector