Dunstan Dialogue 2016 Enspiral

13 December 2016

Come and hear the story of Enspiral from founder Joshua Vial, and head of business strategy Damian Sligo-Green.

Enspiral is a virtual and physical network of companies and professionals brought together by a set of shared values and a passion for positive social impact. Enspiral grew from a group of individuals to a collective of more than a dozen social enterprise ventures. There are no bosses at Enspiral and no management hierarchy. A ‘DIY’ social enterprise support network, Enspiral is a group of people who want to co-create an encouraging, diverse community of people trying to make a difference.

One of Enspiral’s many success stories is the development of the open source collaborative decision making platform, Loomio (, which is now used by thousands of people around the world.

Joshua and Damian will discuss:

  • How can we increase the capacity of people doing meaningful work in order to solve our biggest problems?
  • How can we organise work so that it provides more secure livelihoods in an era of precarious employment?
  • How can we create the ecosystem of support to enable this?

Enspiral is a network on a mission to help more people work on stuff that matters – find out more at: