We are a thought leadership organisation. We work on collaborative projects to inspire action for a fairer world, building on the legacy of former Premier, Don Dunstan.

The Don Dunstan Foundation was established in 1999 to bring together research, policy makers and community groups to meet social needs in South Australia.

We are a registered charity and focus on social justice issues through public events, collaborative projects and research.

The supporters of the Don Dunstan Foundation are drawn together by a shared vision of a democratic society that celebrates the values set out by our founder, the late Premier Don Dunstan:

  • Cultural diversity
  • The freedom of individuals to control their lives
  • The just distribution of global wealth
  • Democratic and inclusive forms of governance
  • Respect for fundamental human rights
  • Respect for Indigenous people and protection of their rights.

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Originally established as a charitable trust, the Don Dunstan Foundation Ltd was incorporated as a Public Company Limited by Guarantee in 2016.

The Don Dunstan Foundation is a registered charity (ABN 14 614 345 149).