Our Patrons are passionate about the values of the Foundation and offer their support by raising the profile of the Foundation by promoting our activities and projects.

Dr Philip Adams AO

An Australian farmer, broadcaster and public intellectual. He currently hosts an ABC radio program, Late Night Live, four nights a week, and writes a weekly column for The Australian.

Dr Robyn Archer AO CdOAL

An Australian singer, writer, stage and director, artistic director, and public advocate of the arts, in Australia and internationally.

The Hon. Greg Crafter AO

A former South Australian Labor Party politician. He was the member for Norwood from 1980 to 1993. He held a number of ministerial positions including Minister for Local Government.

Bronwen Dohnt

Bronwen is the daughter of the late former Premier Don Dunstan. Bronwen served on the Foundation’s board of Trustees for twelve years before being appointed as a Patron in 2016.

Andrew Dunstan

Andrew is the son of the late former Premier Don Dunstan. Andrew was heavily involved in the formation of the Foundation with his father in 1999.

Tom Dunstan

Tom is the grandson of the late former Premier Don Dunstan and was involved in the early days of the Foundation in 1999.

Leonie Ebert

Former Adelaide City Councillor and Chair of the Board of Management of the Graham F. Smith Peace Foundation.

The Hon. Barry Jones AO

An Australian polymath, writer, lawyer, social activist, quiz champion and former politician. He campaigned against the death penalty throughout the 1960s, particularly against the execution of Ronald Ryan, and remains against capital punishment. He is on the National Trust’s list of Australian Living Treasures.

The Hon. Anne Levy AO

A former Australian politician. She was a Labor member of the South Australian Legislative Council from 1975 to 1997 and President of the Legislative Council from 1986 to 1989.

The Hon. Dr Jane Lomax-Smith AM

Jane is the Chairperson of the Don Dunstan Foundation Board of Directors. She is actively involved in a range of science, academic and community organisations and remains the Patron of the Adelaide Poultry Club and the Adelaide Turf Umpires and Scorers Association. Read Jane’s full biography here.

The Hon. Rev. Dr Lynn Arnold AO

The Hon. Rev. Dr Lynn Arnold AO was formerly a Member of the SA State Parliament, Cabinet Minister and Premier. Between 1979 and 1994 he served as a member of the South Australian Parliament, including over 11 years in Cabinet. During his service in government he was Premier of South Australia (1992-1993) and served for ten years in a wide range of senior ministries (including Education, State Development and Agriculture). Lynn is a Director of the Foundation, and was Chairperson for ten years, read his full biography here.

Mr Greg Mackie OAM

A South Australian cultural advocate, entrepreneur and leader who has worked to promote the arts and culture in Australia.

Carmel O’Loughlin

A former Director of the South Australian Office for the Status of Women, Carmel serves on various public service and community boards.

Noel Pearson

Noel is one of Australia’s most prominent Aboriginal lawyers and activists. He comes from the Guugu Yimidhirr community of Hope Vale on the South Eastern Cape York Peninsula. Mr Pearson is a lawyer, and Founder and Director of Strategy of the Cape York Partnership. Mr Pearson also co-founded the Cape York Land Council, and helped to establish Apunipima Health Council, Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation and Indigenous Enterprise Partnerships. Mr Pearson served as a member of the Expert Panel on Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous Australians and the Referendum Council.

Professor Sue Richardson

Professor Richardson was Director of NILS from 2000-08. She was President of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia from 2003-06. She has a 5 year term as a member of Fair Work Australia’s Minimum Wage Panel. From 2004-9, she was a Commissioner of the Essential Services Commission of SA. She has been a part-time Commissioner with the Industry Commission, Convener of the Academic Board and a member of the Council of the University of Adelaide and of its Finance Committee, on the Rhodes Scholarship selection committee, a member of the Ministerial Inquiry into Skills in South Australia and co-editor of the Economic Record.