The Hon. Dr Jane Lomax-Smith AM

Jane studied Medicine and has a degree in Anthropology and Comparative Anatomy from the University of London. She is the first member of her family to complete secondary education and trained as a Specialist Pathologist as well as gaining a PhD in renal immunology from Adelaide University. She engaged in laboratory research in Adelaide and Boston, before managing hospital departments and private pathology practices including the one she founded in South Australia.

She was elected to office in Local Government, as Adelaide City Councillor three times and twice as Lord Mayor. She has been a member of the House of Assembly and was State Minister for Education and Tourism for eight years.

Jane has written review reports for both the State and Commonwealth Governments and has been awarded an Order of Australia and an Honorary Doctorate. She has held several Board positions and has most recently been the Chair of the Board of the South Australian Museum and Presiding Member of the Teachers Registration Board SA.

Jane is actively involved in a range of science, academic and community organisations and remains the Patron of the Adelaide Poultry Club and the Adelaide Turf Umpires and Scorers Association.

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