Homelessness Conference 2017

The 2017 Homelessness Conference program profiled emerging local, national and global trends on housing and homelessness. The conference theme, Working Together to End Homelessness, examined the various ways that those working in the public, community and private sectors can all work more effectively together to end homelessness.

This conference also launched The Zero Project Adelaide. Against a backdrop of rising homelessness in Australia, Adelaide now has a unique opportunity to lead the country in finding solutions to improve the lives of people experiencing homelessness and, through the Zero Project Adelaide, put an end to street homelessness in the inner city.

The conference also aimed to address a range of contributing factors for those experiencing homelessness including identifying as Aboriginal, domestic violence, mental health, and drug and alcohol abuse. Interactive sessions provided opportunities for discussion, learning, networking and exchange of ideas and included multiple mini-presentations in a speed networking style format.

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Jake Maguire | Director of Consulting and Public Affairs

Jake Maguire

Jake co-directs Community Solutions’ work to help communities end homelessness throughout the US and around the world. He is privileged to advise and support ambitious, partner-led housing efforts on three continents, as well as Community Solutions’ own Built for Zero initiative in the United States. From 2010-2014, he worked as a member of the 100,000 Homes Campaign team, Community Solutions’ flagship national team, which helped 186 communities find permanent housing for more than 105,000 chronically homeless Americans in under four years.

Prior to joining Community Solutions, Jake advised candidates and elected officials at every level of US politics on effective communications and public affairs strategies. He holds a B.A. from Amherst College and an M.A. from the University of Texas at Austin.

Dr Cameron Parsell | Postgraduate Coordinator and Program Leader Social Wellbeing, Health & Housing, Institute for Social Science Research, University of Queensland

Dr Cameron ParsellCameron’s primary area of research is homelessness, supportive housing and broader social welfare programs aimed at addressing social disadvantage. He is a Senior Research Fellow funded through an Australian Research Council. Cameron is the Associate Editor of the Australian Journal of Social Issues, and a policy advisor to the Australian Council of Social Services. He is the co-chief investigator on several national studies that examine the nature and outcomes of newly emerging models of intervention directed toward permanently ending homelessness. Cameron has written about identity, the meaning of home, the international transfer of homelessness/housing policy, and housing as a means to foster autonomy and self-determination. He is currently examining different models and practices of social service delivery. Cameron’s research seeks to build an evidence base about the interacting societal, social policy, social program and agency dimensions to human change. Cameron is particularly interested in conducting ethnographic research, with a focus on policy and practice translation.

Other speakers

Delegates also heard from speakers from the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness including:

  • Karen Walsh, Micah Projects, QLD
  • Felicity Reynolds, Mercy Foundation, NSW
  • Keith Bryant, Sydney Business Alliance to End Homelessness, NSW
  • Debra Zanella, RUAH, WA

Thank you to our 2017 partners

Presenting Sponsors

  • Anglicare
  • Department for Communities and Social Inclusion
  • Capital City Committee

Major Sponsors

  • Flinders University
  • Unity Housing SA
  • University of Adelaide

Workshop Sponsors

  • City of Adelaide
  • Junction Australia
  • South Australian Mental Health Commission

Supporting Sponsors

  • The Australian Centre for Community Services Research
  • Australian Services Union
  • Wyatt Trust

Adelaide Zero Project

David Pearson


A Snapshot of Homelessness in South Australia

Dr Debbie Faulkner

Australian Alliance to End Homelessness, 7 Years of Local Campaigns to End Homelessness and Registry Weeks in Australia


Reaching Functional Zero: A problem-solving system to end homelessness

Jake Maguire


Ending Homelessness in Australia: Challenges and Opportunities

Dr Cameron Parsell


7 Years of Local Campaigns to End Homelessness and Registry Weeks in Australia

Australian Alliance to End Homelessness

Felicity Reynolds, CEO Mercy Foundation
Karyn Walsh AM, CEO Micah Projects
Dr Heather Holst, COO Launch Housing