Fundraise for us

Thank you for your interest in fundraising for the Don Dunstan Foundation!

Fundraising goes towards the Foundation’s ongoing programs and events, which help us deliver social justice outcomes in South Australia.

Some programs and events include:

1. Choose your fundraising event

What do you enjoy doing? You might find it useful to write a list of fun activities or events you would like to do.

Helpful Hint: Check out our following fundraising ideas page below for inspiration.

2. Set your Targets!

Once you’ve chosen your activities, it’s now time to set a date and a time for your fundraiser. Don’t forget to set a goal too!

Helpful hint: Be mindful of public holidays or other events going on around you. Think about what might suit your invitees best.

3. Complete our Fundraising Registration Form

Fill out the Fundraising Registration Form below and send it to We’ll then send you a confirmation email so you’re authorised to fundraise for us!

4. Hold your fundraising event

Once you receive authority to fundraise, you are all clear to help create major projects and events in style.

5. Send your fundraising money to us

Within four (4) weeks of completion of your event, please send the funds to us via bank deposit, phone or post.

Option A: Bank Deposit

Submit your funds via bank deposit to:

BSB: 105-120

Account Number: 020967140.

Please include your surname or organisation name in the description or reference section.

Option B: Phone

Deliver your funds via credit or debit card by calling us on (08) 8313 3364.

Option C: Post

Send a cheque to the “Don Dunstan Foundation,” along with your contact and event details, to:

Don Dunstan Foundation

Level 8, 115 Grenfell Street

Adelaide SA 5005

As the fundraiser, you are responsible for keeping accurate records, management of funds, and covering event and fundraising expenses. The Don Dunstan Foundation cannot pay any expenses you incur in the course of your fundraising activities.
By completing the Fundraising Registration Form and fundraising for us, you have read and agreed to the Don Dunstan Foundation’s Fundraising Terms and Conditions.

  • Pick an event or activity that speaks to you – have fun with it!
  • Ask for specific donation amounts
  • Don’t be afraid to move your goalposts!
  • Spread the word. Talk to your friends and family, invite them to attend or ask them to donate online
  • Be sure to thank the people who have donated
  • Check out Everyday Hero’s website, if you’re interested in setting up an online fundraiser.
  • Take lots of photos and share them on social media after the event. Make sure to tag us!
  • Have fun! Enjoy the event and know that your hard work makes a real and tangible difference.

If you have any questions you can contact us at

To assist you in brainstorming ideas for a fundraising activity or event we’ve made a list for you to build from:

Movie Night

Organise a movie night! Charge a donation for entry, supply popcorn and show a movie for your friends or community.

Trivia Night

Host a quiz at school, work or get your local pub involved and donate the prize money to the foundation.

Marathon Collection

Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to sponsor you in a running, walking, swimming or cycling marathon.

Auction/Raffle Dinner Party

Set up a collection box at your school or work and donate monthly or yearly;
Create a raffle or auction within your community  and donate the proceeds;


Host a dinner party in the spirit of Don to raise money and awareness for the foundation.

Please click below to download terms and conditions.

Fundraising Terms and Conditions


Please click below to download the registration form.

Community Fundraising Registration Form


Please click below to download the community fundraising booklet.

Community Fundraising Booklet