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The Don Dunstan Foundation is a charitable Trust that works with the Government of South Australia and its university partners, the University of Adelaide and Flinders University to gain a deeper understanding of social justice issues and to share these understandings with the greater community to influence change.

Through the work of the Foundation and its partners the Foundation has the ability to reach a wide audience and strives to be a trusted voice for Australians who require advocacy and policy reform in order that they may live full lives.

The supporters of the Don Dunstan Foundation are drawn together by a shared vision of a democratic society that celebrates the values which Don Dunstan wrote and which are:

  • Cultural diversity
  • The freedom of individuals to control their lives
  • The just distribution of global wealth
  • Democratic and inclusive forms of governance
  • Respect for fundamental human rights
  • Respect for indigenous people and protection of their rights, 

The Foundation strives to promote:

  • Understanding... achieved through reflection, conversation, meaningful dialogue and rigorous research. 
  • Sharing... the insights we gain through a range of public forums and events. 
  • Provoking... positive action on a local, national and international level to achieve change in areas that are serious, tough and worthwhile. 
  • Advocating... on behalf of people who, for any number of reasons, need to use another's voice to be heard.


Don Dunstan Foundation

Level 8, 115 Grenfell St
Adelaide SA 5005


Phone: +61 8 8313 3364


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