Adelaide Zero Project: Discussion Paper

In 2016 Rosanne Haggerty delivered a powerful presentation to the Don Dunstan Foundation’s Homelessness Conference. She challenged us all to consider how we could not just address homelessness in South Australia, but end it.

In the following twelve months a coalition of organisations from across the public, private, community and university sectors took up that challenge.

The Adelaide Zero Project is our response and the Don Dunstan Foundation is proud to be taking a coordination role.

This discussion paper is designed to start a conversation about what rising to that challenge might look like. Prepared by leading researchers at our state’s top universities, the paper sets out what the key elements of the Adelaide Zero Project could be, learning from the work of Community Solutions in 75 communities across the US, where eight communities have actually achieved Functional Zero Homelessness. It also incorporates the lessons of our partners at the Institute of Global Homelessness, as well as the European, Australian and Toronto Alliances to End Homelessness.