Adelaide Zero Research Report: Better understanding the People on the Adelaide Zero Project’s By-Name List – Full Report

The evidence on acuity and inflows from the September 19 2019 By-Name List data capture


The AZP holds some of the most comprehensive data on rough sleeping homelessness for a defined geographical area—the Adelaide CBD—in Australia. This report presents the findings of a targeted deep dive into the rich data source that is the Adelaide Zero Project’s (AZP’s) By-Name List (BNL), using two distinct lenses: acuity and inflows.

The report articulates some of the ways forward for the homelessness sector and interfacing systems to end street homelessness in Adelaide’s inner city area. It offers a framework (a ‘recipe book’) for more regular data analytics for the AZP. Such work must be prioritised for the AZP, as with such ‘live’ data analysis we can respond more effectively to the changing needs of people in the system, as well as driving individual, sustainable outcomes as well as system-level outcomes through greater service coordination. Additionally, more nimble data analysis enables AZP to rapidly test strategies to coordinate housing and support in a more efficient yet person-centred way.