Ending homelessness in the inner city through service coordination: feasibility study

In an effort to solve a complex issue such as homelessness, collective goodwill on its own is often not enough. Collective intent and commitment across government and non-government sectors must be matched by investment from all levels of government and operationalised through an integrated coordination of services.

Building on recommendations from international homelessness experts including Baroness Louise Casey, Institute of Global Homelessness and Dr Nonie Brennan, Adelaide’s former Thinker In Residence, this research report investigates how greater service coordination has and must play a major role in efforts to end homelessness.

After hearing from a range of voices across government and non-government service providers, stakeholders and people who have experienced homelessness, the report assesses the feasibility of establishing an inner city service coordination network in Adelaide including opportunities for colocation and coordination.

The report was prepared by The Australian Alliance for Social Enterprise, The Australian Alliance to End Homelessness for the Adelaide Zero Project, on behalf of the SA Housing Authority and City of Adelaide.