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Dr Guy Turnbull (UK)

Guy Turnbull

Guy Turnbull brings his international expertise in co-operatives and social enterprise business models to South Australia. Building on his consultancy with government, the private sector and the Thinkers in Residence partner organisations in July, Guy’s residency will focus on the development of the co-operatives sector across a range of industries in the state, with a focus on the care and social services sector in response to the roll-out of the NDIS.

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  • Thinker’s Residency | 12 – 30 November 2018

    The Don Dunstan Foundation and the Thinkers in Residence Program are pleased to announce the return of UK Entrepreneur of the Year Dr Guy Turnbull during his residency between the 12th-30th November 2018.

    Guy returns to South Australia following a successful visit during September where the concept of SA: A Co-operative State was explored through a number of Workshops, Roundtables, Masterclasses and One-on-One meetings.

    Guy's Residency will continue to explore opportunities for the development of co-operatives across a range of industries in the State, with a focus on the care and social services sector.

    As a part of these Residencies, we have the following major events that you can attend to learn from and engage with Dr.Guy Turnbull:

    13 Nov | Dunstan Dialogue
    Measuring Co-operative Value with Monash University

    What value are co-operates creating?

    Our Thinker in Residence Dr Guy Turnbull is an international expert on co-operatives (more information below). In this session he is joined by representatives from Monash University who will discuss findings from their research on how co-operatives are creating value. This session aims to define the definition of 'value' and how co-operatives can be measured in the delivery.

    Co Presenters: Melina Morrison, Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals, Dr Paul Thambar, Monash University, Professor Matthew Hall, Monash University, Professor Yuval Millo, University of Warwick.

    This session will cover:

    What value co-operatives are creating?

    How are they creating value?

    How are they measuring that value?

    LOCATION: Flinders Boardroom, Level 11, Flinders University, 182 Victoria Square, Adelaide, South Australia 5000

    COST: $20 - Tue. 13 November 2018, 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm


    15 NOV | Roundtable
    Differently Abled Entrepreneurship Education

    Join Dr Guy Turnbull (UK) and representatives from the University of South Australia at a roundtable on Differently Abled Entrepreneurship Education - Serving and Facilitating for Disability Inclusion.

    University of South Australia's Allan O'Connor will host a session on uncovering the link between disability inclusion and entrepreneurship education.

    LOCATION: UniSA Business School, Yungondi Building, Y1.70, The University of South Australia, City West Campus, Adelaide, SA 5000

    FREE EVENT Thursday 15 November 2018, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm


    16 NOV | The Co-operative Life Information Session

    Now Recruiting A Pioneer’s Group In Adelaide

    Are you:

    • Looking for a fresh challenge in the aged care and disability space?
    • Struggling to make NDIS work for your organisation?
    • Keen to find out more about what working in a care co-operate is really like?

    Join Dr Guy Turnbull and The Co-operative LIFE, at an information event on 16 November. Learn from The Co-operative LIFE’s founder, Robyn Kaczmarek, about what it actually means to work in a co-operative, and hear about our exciting plans to establish an arm of The Co-operative Life in Adelaide.

    Peter Graves of City of Charles Sturt will also outline the Council’s plans for piloting co-operative approaches to care.

    LOCATION: 16-20 Hindmarsh Avenue, Welland, SA 5007

    FREE EVENT: Friday 16 November 2018, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm


    20 NOV | Workshop
    Northern Region Care Co-Operative

    Join Dr Guy Turnbull (UK) in a special workshop to continue the development of a care co-operative for the Northern Adelaide region.

    The proposed Northern Region Care Co-operative provides the opportunity for service providers and consumers, in a joint venture, to work together in a transparent market-place of shared demand and supply data. It also provides the opportunity to develop innovative approaches to address complex supply problems, including provider capacity, sustainability and workforce availability and competition. With full transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in South Australia expected by late 2019, and an estimated 300% growth in demand for disability support workforce for the northern metropolitan region, now is the time to set up a new enterprise.

    LOCATION: Level 2, Room 2.2, Flinders University, 182 Victoria Square, Adelaide, SA 5000

    FREE EVENT: Tuesday 20 November 2018, 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm


    21 NOV| Roundtable
    The Circular Economy and Co-operatives

    How can we use co-operatives to support the circular economy in South Australia?

    Find out at this masterclass with Green Industries SA. Join the discussion with Thinker in Residence Dr Guy Turnbull (UK) and representatives of Green Industries SA to examine the benefits and challenges with the co-operative model. Share your views and learn how co-operatives can effect this sector.

    Do not miss this exciting opportunity to influence the future of the circular economy for South Australia.

    LOCATION: Level 11, Flinders Boardroom, Flinders University, 182 Victoria Square, Adelaide, SA 5000

    FREE EVENT: Wednesday 21 November 2018, 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm ACDT


    27 NOV | Roundtable
    Disability Employment

    Do you have the desire to create a more efficient system to support self-employment opportunities for people living with disability?

    Join Dr Guy Turnbull (UK) as he offers insights on the latest enterprise incentive schemes for self-employment for people living with disability.

    This round table will provide an opportunity to discuss the current policy landscape, including the opportunities and challenges it presents for people living with disability to take control of their economic futures through self-employment and through initiating micro-enterprises in particular.

    The session will also explore ways to address the gaps and barriers in the system to empower people living with disability through micro-enterprise and flexible employment options

    This is your opportunity to discuss your views and learn from others.

    LOCATION: Flinders University, Room 2.1, Level 2, 182 Victoria Square, Adelaide, SA 5000

    FREE EVENT: Tuesday 27 November 2018, 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm ACDT


    27 NOV | Masterclass
    Co-operatives and The Creative Industries

    South Australia's Creative Industry has a rich history with the co-operative movement from artists collectives to housing.

    Join Dr Guy Turnbull, platform co-operatives expert and Director of Co-operative Bonds, Rohan Clarke, and leaders from the creative industries, in a roundtable discussion on how the new age of: the film sector; regional arts; the music industry; Aboriginal arts sector can benefit from co-operatives. Hear about why there is a resurgence in co-ops in the creative industries and explore ideas for your sector with the advice and feedback from experts; and don't miss this exciting opportunity to influence discussions with industry leaders around new co-operative approaches to organising the creative industries of the future.

    Featuring different co-operative models such as:

    • Platform co-ops
    • Freelance artist co-ops
    • Consumer and employee owned co-ops
    • Block-chain co-ops and
    • Explore possibilities for new tech co-ops in film, TV and music industries among others

    The session will also explore how these different co-op models intersect with co-working spaces and intersect with the services provided by industry bodies and guilds.

    *This round table will be followed by networking drinks for the Creative Revolutionaries series in St Pauls Creative Centre.

    LOCATION: St Paul’s Creative Centre, 200 Pulteney St, Adelaide, SA 5000

    DATE: Tuesday 27 November 2018, 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm ACDT

    COST: $16-22


  • Thinker’s Residency | 10 – 28 September 2018

    Thinker's Oration

    UK based co-operatives expert and award winning social entrepreneur, Dr Guy Turnbull (EY's UK Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017), shared his insights as our latest Thinker in Residence, including his vision for revitalizing the role of co-operatives and social enterprise in South Australia.

    This event was presented through partnership between the Thinkers in Residence program and the Shift.ed Impact Venture Series.

    Click here to view Guy's Oration. (Video)

    Click here to view Guy's Oration presentation slides. (PDF)

    Rapid Enterprise Development (RED) Workshop

    Learn how to develop a micro-enterprise through this practical one-day workshop with Dr Guy Turnbull. This workshop is designed for people living with disability or who are experiencing social or economic disadvantage. Enquiries and registration are directly with Kate Jarrett at the Don Dunstan Foundation or (08) 8313 2718.

    Tuesday 25 September 2018

    Masterclass on Co-operatives, Employee Ownership and the Care Sector.

    Learn about how to establish a care sector co-operative or employee owned business through this nuanced approach for various service providers.

    Monday, 24 September 2018

    Masterclass for SA Business Leaders on Co-operative Business Models.

    Learn about the benefits, practical tools and specific legal and regulatory requirements for establishing a co-operative business in South Australia.

    Monday, 24 September 2018

  • July 2018 Visit

    Entrepreneurs Week 2018 Opening Event.

    Monday, 9 July

    If you didn’t get a chance to attend any of these opening event sessions, you can view them online now!

    Watch Guy Turnbull's keynote speech on:

    The Rise of the Co-op: Unlocking the latent entrepreneurship in workers and industry.
    How could your business benefit?

    Download the presentation slides HERE (PDF)

    The Thinkers Team organised a number of sessions as part of this event:

    Indigenous Entrepreneurship and Inclusive Economic Growth (video)

    Learn about the stories of successful South Australian based Indigenous entrepreneurs and explore some of the barriers that have been overcome along with the many triumphs these organisations have achieved throughout the journey.This session is about harnessing the visibility and success of these case studies to encourage the continuous development of Indigenous entrepreneurship and business culture in South Australia.

    Entrepreneurship in the Purpose Economy (video)

    How can the lens of social impact assist in identifying rewarding business opportunities in South Australia? This three tiered discussion looks at current social enterprise initiatives, challenges yet to be capitalised upon and opportunities for market differentiation through new purposeful business approaches. A Briefing: Social Enterprise Initiatives in Northern Adelaide - A cluster of initiatives focussed on social procurement, research and business networks to create lasting impact and economic regeneration. A Challenge: Transport in the care sector - How drastic change encourages collaboration, shared value service models and coalitions of the willing and why we need entrepreneurs like you! An Opportunity: The Beyond Bank BCorp Story - How to measure and verify positive social impact through the BCorp model.

    Co-operatives and New Market Opportunities (video)

    Could your company benefit by being part of a thriving co-operative? If you are an SME or start up looking for a way to differentiate yourself and empower your employees, or if you are developing a business in a consumer led industry, such as the care sector, this session outlines the benefits and practical tools for establishing a co-op. Co-operatives and mutual businesses unlock latent entrepreneurship in industry through collaborative behaviour, so businesses can become more sustainable and reach up and down the supply chain. They can be a vehicle to drive jobs growth, provide lower costs to consumers, and better services. S.A. has a proud history of well-known business successes. Dr. Guy Turnbull (UK) will outline current opportunities and practical steps for SA businesses, with other local case studies presented.

    See the Entrepreneurs Week Opening Event program.

    Adelaide Festival of Ideas Keynote Address

    Friday, 13 July

    Ethical enterprise and democratic business ownership models
    2.30pm - 3.20pm

    Presentation Slides

    Driving On Purpose;Ethical enterprise and democratic business ownership models shaping who’s at the wheel (PDF)

    See the Festival website for details.

    Events | June 2018

    Thursday, 28 June | Co-operatives Forum - Opportunities for Care Services

    For more information about the Forum and to view speakers' presentation slides, please visit the event page Cooperatives Forum: Opportunities for Care Services

    Friday, 29 June I Dunstan Dialogue

    Consultation with public and private stakeholders. Contact us for further information.

  • Dr Guy Turnbull | Biography

    Guy has been involved in the co-operative and social enterprise sector since 1988 and is a Social Entrepreneur and Former Managing Director of Care & Share Associates (CASA), an employee-owned social enterprise he helped to found in 2004.

    He previously worked across the UK as a social economy consultant, specialising in business planning, social franchising and replication, programme leadership, training, research and strategic planning. His recent achievements include driving the growth of Care & Share Associates Ltd from a start-up pioneering social franchise to a £17m employee-owned social enterprise and creating ‘RED’ (Rapid Enterprise Development) Workshops, an innovative training approach to social enterprise development with people with a disability.

    In 2016 Guy's work in the care sector was recognised by the Great British Care Awards, where he was national winner in the ‘Outstanding Contribution to Social Care’ category. He was also the winning UK national finalist in the prestigious global competition, ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’. In 2017 his work was recognised by Social Enterprise UK through the award of an Honorary Fellowship.

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