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Social Capital Residencies

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Adelaide’s highly acclaimed Thinkers in Residence Program is now under the auspices of the Don Dunstan Foundation. The Foundation is proud to have relaunched the highly successful Adelaide Thinkers in Residence program, which attracts experts from around the world whose knowledge, skills and creative ideas provide guidance to the community, governments, industry and academics.


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Event Location Dates and Times

Entrepreneurs Week Opening Event

Bookings and information Link to external website

Adelaide Convention Centre

Monday 3rd July

9:00am – 12:30pm

IPAA 2017
Intrapreneurship Forum

Bookings and information Link to external website
William Magarey Room,
Adelaide Oval,
War Memorial Drive,
North Adelaide SA 5006
Thursday, 6th July 2017

8:30am Registration
9:15am start
4:15pm finish

Social Capital Conference

Bookings and information Link to external website

9 Light Square House, 9 Light Square, Adelaide, 5000.

Friday 7th July

Get invovled in the conversation: #socialcapital #thinkers

  • Presentations, papers and other resources

    Suzi Sosa Visit

    Allyson Hewitt Visit One

  • About the Thinkers in Residence program

    The Don Dunstan Foundation has relaunched the Adelaide Thinkers in Residence program with a series of residencies focused on growing the social economy - the fastest growing part of South Australia’s economy. The Residencies will be run by the Don Dunstan Foundation on behalf of a broad range of partner organisations from private, public, community and university sectors.

    During the next two years, these Residencies will welcome some of the world’s most prominent experts to Adelaide to help us re-design the social innovation ecosystem so that the private, public and not-for profit sectors are all helping to grow the economy and do good at the same time. The goal is to use business model innovation to help break down the silos between the business and social innovation ecosystems and ultimately help position South Australia as the 'social capital' of our region.

    On the 27th of March the Social Capital Residencies program was launched.

    If you are interested in being part of this project, please contact David Pearson, Executive Director.

  • Social Capital - The Opportunity

    South Australia has a unique opportunity to position itself as the social capital of Australia, building on its strong track record of social policy reform and growth in the social economy. The social economy is the fastest growing sector in the South Australian economy, with Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures showing employment in this area increased by more than 13 per cent between 2012 and 2015. The social capital residencies aims to support job creation, attract investment and drive knowledge based exports, while contributing positively to the social fabric of the community.

    Building on the strong success and heritage of the Thinkers in Residence Program, the Don Dunstan Foundation is proud to present the Social Capital Residencies. The program will have the following core aims:

    • Help to bring social innovations to scale in South Australia by developing a social innovation ecosystem that supports the growth of investment ready social enterprises.
    • Support a growing social economy by breaking down the silos between the business and social innovation ecosystems. In particular, supporting and inspiring small, medium and large businesses and other organisations to improve their social impact.

    The first area of focus can be characterised as assisting the not-for-profit sector to develop commercial expertise and the second area of focus is about assisting the for-profit sector to have a greater social or impact mindset.

  • Meet our Thinkers

    Allyson Hewitt – Primary Thinker

    1st May – 21st May, 18th September – 6th October, Early 2018

    The Primary Thinker for the Social Capital Residencies is Allyson Hewitt, Senior Fellow for social innovation at the highly successful MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, Canada. Allyson has developed and helps lead the social innovation programs at MaRS, including the national initiative; Social Innovation Generation (SiG), the social finance programs of the Centre for Impact Investing, the MaRS Solutions Lab (a lab designed to tackle complex challenges), and Studio Y, an initiative designed to support youth in thriving in the new economy. Allyson has also been instrumental in growing the social innovation ecosystem; conducting public education; and influencing public policy and is currently leading an initiative to develop a pro bono marketplace for Canada.

    Suzi Sosa – Specialist Thinker

    3rd July – 7th July

    Suzi Sosa is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Verb, a global social enterprise producing large-scale competitions focused on pressing social and environmental issues. Suzi directed the university’s social entrepreneurship program at the University of Texas, including creating and teaching graduate and undergraduate courses and leading the Dell Challenge, which engaged more than 25,000 student social entrepreneurs from over 100 countries. Suzi has been involved in the social entrepreneurship space for more than 10 years, and co-founded several Austin non-profits focused on social innovation and entrepreneurship, including Innovation+ and Austin Women Entrepreneurs.

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