How Adelaide plans to reach ‘zero homelessness’ within two years

The Mandarin, 22 February 2018 | Harley Dennet

South Australia might be in the middle of a state election campaign, but the business of making a positive impact for the community hasn’t stopped. A coalition of more than 30 organisations including three SA government departments and the City of Adelaide have agreed on an implementation plan to tackle the city’s homelessness.

The Implementation Plan, signed today by politicians of all stripes, has an ambitious target: functional zero homelessness by 2020.

About 120 people are sleeping rough on any given night in Adelaide’s CBD.

How the plan was hatched

A movement, coordinated by the Don Dunstan Foundation, has been building in Adelaide to be the first city outside the United States to commit to implementing a program called Project Zero. The program has been implemented in 75 US communities, and of those, seven have achieved functional zero homelessness for veterans, and three communities for chronically homeless people.