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The Dunstan Dialogues

The Dunstan Dialogues are a series of discussions between prominent visiting thinkers, and leaders in our state to exchange knowledge, make connections and collaborate.

The Don Dunstan Foundation has hosted dialogues featuring a number of prominent speakers:

December 14th 2016 - Enspiral

Enspiral Link to external website is a collection of lawyers, accountants, designers, computer programmers and many others working differently together - online and offline in co-working spaces. One of Enspiral’s many success stories is the development of the open source collaborative decision making platform, Loomio Link to external website which is now used by thousands of people around the world.

October 24th 2016 - Tim Dunlop

Tim Dunlop was a pioneer of political blogging in Australia. He ran the internationally successful independent blog The Road to Surfdom and was the first Australian blogger to be hired by a mainstream media organisation (News Limited, for which he wrote the political blog Blogocracy). He has a PhD in communication and political philosophy, teaches at Melbourne University, and writes regularly for a number of publications, including The Drum.

His new book is Why The Future is Workless explores how the landscape of work is changing right in front of us, from Uber, Airbnb and the new share economy to automated vehicles, 3D printing and advanced AI. The question isn’t whether robots will take our jobs, but what we will do when they do. The era of full-time work is coming to an end and we have to stop holding out the false promise that at some magical moment the jobs are going to reappear. He has also written The New Front Page: New Media and the Rise of the Audience whichin which he looks at the ways the media and audiences to work together to hold the powerful to account, and to produce the sort of news and analysis that enriches public debate.

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