We are a thought leadership organisation working on collaborative projects to inspire action for a fairer world, by building on the legacy of the late Premier, Don Dunstan.

The Don Dunstan Foundation was established in 1999 to bring together research, policy makers and community groups to meet social needs in South Australia.

We are a registered charity and focus on social justice issues through public events, collaborative projects and research. Our current areas of focus are:

  • growing the purpose economy through the Social Capital Residencies
  • ending street homelessness in the inner city as part of the Adelaide Zero Project
  • supporting multiculturalism by way of a migration and population growth network
  • mental health awareness with our annual AdMental Event, and
  • Aboriginal economic development and reconciliation through a range of efforts.

I encourage you to consider getting involved as a volunteer, partner, subscriber or donor – or just get in touch about whatever ideas you have to inspire action for a fairer world.

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David Pearson
Executive Director