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Papers and Publications

Papers, Publications and Conference Proceedings Index
Year Event/Project Researcher/Author Description
2006 Dunstan Papers Disney, Julian Equal Opportunity at Home and Abroad (Issue 1)
2006 Dunstan Papers Strawhan, Peter Reflections on Don Dunstan's Cultural and Culinary Journey (Issue 2)
2006 Dunstan Papers Disney, J. Berry, M. Howe, B and Pocock, B. Affordable Housing in Australia: Problems and Options (Issue 3 & 4) [HARD COPY ONLY]
2007 Dunstan Papers Broomhill, Ray Corporate Social Responsibility: Key Issues and Debates (Issue 1)
2007 Dunstan Papers Whitfield, Dexter Financing Infrastructure in the 21st Century: The Long Term Impact of Public Private Partnerships in Britain and Australia (Issue 2)
2008 Dunstan Papers Barnett, K. Spoehr, J. Parnis, E. Equity Works: Achieving the target of 2% Aboriginal Employment in the South Australian Public Sector - Summary Report (Issue 1)
2013 Thinkers in Residence - Reverb Elbourne, Martin Reverb Live Music Thinker in Residence Report: The Future of Live Music in South Australia
2001 Publications Patience, Allan The Private Don - Human Rights and Human Freedoms: Exploring the Political Leadership of Don Dunstan
1999 Publication King, Len End of the Six O'Clock Swill
2013 Migration Update Various 2013 Migration Update Conference - Full Conference Proceedings - Ebbs and Flows of Regional Migration
2013 Migration Update Hugo, Graeme 2013 Migration Update Conference Key Note Address Presentation
2013 Migration Update Payton, Philip 2013 Migration Update Conference - How Early Migrants Shaped our Culture
2013 Migration Update Galligan, Brian 2013 Migration Update Conference - Challenges and Opportunities for Social Cohesion
2013 Migration Update Augoustinos, Martha 2013 Migration Update Conference - The Social and Psychological Benifits of Multiculturalism
2013 Migration Update Lowe, Ian 2013 Migration Update Conference - Sustainable Migration
2013 Migration Update Mwanri, Lillian 2013 Migration Update Conference - How to Assess and Address Needs?
2012 Migration Update Various 2012 Migration Update Conference - Full Conference Proceedings - Migration and Social Transformations
2012 Migration Update Hugo, Graeme 2012 Migration Update Conference Key Note Address
2012 Migration Update Kalache, Alexandre 2012 Migration Update Conference - Ageing in a Foreign Land
2012 Migration Update Bedford, Richard 2012 Migration Update Conference - Transforming Migrant Families
2012 Migration Update Hawthorne, Lesleyanne 2012 Migration Update Conference - Skilled Migration Update
2012 Migration Update Roberts, Rosie 2012 Migration Update Conference - Unfolding Stories of Skilled Migration: Mapping Mobile Practices
2012 Migration Update Due, Clemence 2012 Migration Update Conference - Working with Refugee and Migrant Children: A Study of Transition into Mainstream Classes at Primary School
2012 Migration Update Grant, Julia 2012 Migration Update Conference - Developing Social Capital in a New Country: Narratives of Creating Life
2012 Migration Update Reilly, Alex 2012 Migration Update Conference - International Student Workers: The Case for Reform
2012 Migration Update Every, Danielle 2012 Migration Update Conference - The Social and Economic Impacts of Immigration Detention Facilities on Receiving Communities
2012 Migration Update Wood, Blythe 2012 Migration Update Conference - Population and Migrant Policy (Department of the Premier and Cabinet)
2011 Migration Update Various 2011 Migration Update Conference - Full Conference Proceedings - South Australia and Beyond
2011 Migration Update Hugo, Graeme 2011 Migration Update Conference Key Note Address
2011 Migration Update Portolesi, Grace 2011 Migration Update Closing Address
2013 Lowitja Oration Havnen, Olga 2013 Lowitja Oration - Healing the Fault Lines: uniting politicians, bureaucrats and NGOs for improved outcomes in Aboriginal Health
2012 Lowitja Oration Kirby, Michael 2012 Lowitja Oration - Constitutions, interventions and other melancholy tales Link to external website
2011 Lowitja Oration Keating, Paul 2011 Lowitja Oration - Lowitja O'Donoghue and Native Title: Leadership pointing the way to identity, inclusion and justice
2010 Lowitja Oration Martin, Ray 2010 Lowitja Oration - Walking together on the Journey of Healing
2009 Lowitja Oration Huggins, Jackie 2009 Lowitja Oration - Bringing black and white Australians together (1 of 2)
2009 Lowitja Oration Chaney, Fred 2009 Lowitja Oration - Bringing black and white Australiang together (2 of 2)
2008 Lowitja Oration Costello, Tim 2008 Lowitja Oration - The Journey in Healing: How we go forward after 'sorry'
2007 Lowitja Oration O'Donoghue, Lowitja 2007 Lowitja Oration - Black and White Together, We Shall Overcome, Some Day
2012 Human Rights Altman, Dennis From Drowning to Celebration: Forty Years of Gay Liberation
2012 Human Rights Evans, Gareth Law, Justice and Mass Atrocity Crimes: The Responsibility to Protect and the international response to Libya and Syria
2008 Human Rights Branson, Catherine Envisaging a Fairer Australia: Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday
2007 Human Rights Calma, Tom Can the end ever justify the means? Achieving equality for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples & the Northern Territory Intervention
2006 Human Rights Behrendt, Larissa Reclaiming the Human Rights Vision: A Pathway for Reconciliation
2005 Human Rights Nussbaum, Martha Global Justice and human development - Speech (1 of 4)
2005 Human Rights Nussbaum, Martha Global Justice and human development: Beyond the Social Contract: Capabilities and Global Justice (2 of 4)
2005 Human Rights Nussbaum, Martha Global Justice and human develipment: Capabilities Across National Boundaries (3 of 4)
2005 Human Rights Nussbaum, Martha Global Justice and human development: Mutual Advantage and Global Inequality: the Transnational Social Contract (4 of 4)
2005 Human Rights Rafalowicz, Joseph Global Justice and human development - Youth Oration
2003 Human Rights Burnside, Julian Squandering the Legacy
2013 Speeches Rudd, Kevin The Apology - 5 Years On
1999 Dunstan Oration O'Kane, Mary 1999 IPAA Dunstan Oration
2000 Speeches Patience, Allan Leadership in Contemporary Australia (Extract from Lecture)
2000 Speeches Quiggin, John Globalisation, Democracy and Public Prosperity
2000 Speeches Rann, Mike Don Dunstan's Legacy for a new century
2001 Speeches Campbell, Beatrix Time Out with Bea Campbell
2001 Speeches Combet, Greg Works Councils and Employee Consultation in Australia
2001 Speeches Patience, Allan Human Rights and Human Freedoms: Exploring the political leadership of Don Dunstan 
2001 Speeches Lomax-Smith, Jane Don Dunstan Foundation SA Chapter Lunch
2002 Speeches Disney, Julian The Inaugural Don Dunstan Foundation Lecture: Globalisation and Social Justice
2002 Speeches Burke, Anthony The Culture of Detention - Address to the Don Dunstan Foundation Refugee Forum
2005 Speeches Taffe, Sue Black and White Together: Leading by example Don Dunstan's Contributions to the 1960s campaigns for Aboriginal Rights
2005 Speeches Rudd, Kevin The Case for Cooperative Federalism - Address to the Don Dunstan Foundation Queensland Chapter
2006 Dunstan Oration Beazley, Kim 2006 IPAA Don Dunstan Oration - A Nation Building Role for the Public Service
2007 Speeches Reich, Robert The essentials for a decent working society in the 21st century
2007 Speeches Flanagan, Zannie Food Justice in South Australia: From the Ground Up
2014 State of SA Henley, Mark State of South Australia - Forum 2 - Panel 1 Energy and Equity Slides
2014 State of SA Beer, Andrew State of South Australia - Forum 2 - Panel 1 Housing Slides
2014 State of SA Shanahan, Martin State of South Australia - Forum 2 - Panel 1 Income and Wealth Slides
2014 State of SA Wright, Patrick State of South Australia - Forum 2 - Panel 2 Education Slides
2014 State of SA Sharp, R. Broomhill, R. State of South Australia - Forum 2 - Panel 2 Gender at Work and in the Home Slides
2013 State of SA Hugo, Graeme State of South Australia - Forum 1 - Panel 1 Population Slides
2013 State of SA Divecha, Simon State of South Australia - Forum 1 - Panel 1 Environment Slides
2014 Unmasking Austerity Whitfield, Dexter Unmasking Austerity - Lessons for Australia
2014 Unmasking Austerity Whitfield, Dexter Opposing Austerity - Organising and Action Strategies
2014 Unmasking Austerity Whitfield, Dexter Alternatives to Austerity - Investment, Innovation and Reconstruction
2013 Whistleblower Protection Act Brown, AJ Whistleblower Protection Act SA Submission (Don Dunstan Foundation)
2014 Lowitja Oration Dodson, Patrick 2014 Lowitja O'Donoghue Oration - Rights, Recognition and Reconciliation
2014 Unmasking Austerity Woolfson, Charles The 'great recession' in the Baltic states, the myth of 'successful' austerity and its wider lessons.
2014 Addressing Homelessness Chamberlain, Chris Evaluation of Melbourne Street to Home
2014 Addressing Homelessness Mallett, Shelley Homelessness Policies for the 21st Century
2014 Addressing Homelessness Parsell, Cameron Street Outreach, Housing and Supportive Housing
2014 Addressing Homelessness Scutella, Rosanna Housing Markets and Individual Risks of Homelessness
2014 Addressing Homelessness Parkinson, Sharon What can we learn from Journeys to Social Inclusion (J2SI)?
2014 Addressing Homelessness Beer, Andrew 2014 Homelessness Update:  Towards New Models
2014 Migration Update Castles, Stephen 2014 Migration Update: Rethinking Australian Migration
2014 Migration Update Baldassar, Loretta 2014 Migration Update: What is Community? Services and Care Needs for Migrants
2014 Migration Update McDonald, Peter 2014 Migration Update: International Migration and Employment in Australia
2014 Migration Update Hugo, Graeme 2014 Migration Update
2014 Migration Update Withers, Glenn 2014 Migration Update: Knowledge Investment & Migration
2014 Migration Update Dunstan Foundation 2014 Migration Update Conference Programme
2014 Migration Update Sherrell, Henry More than temporary:  Australia's 457 visa program
2014 Unmasking Austerity Whiteford, Peter The Age of Disentitlement: Household Impacts of the Federal Budget
2015 Speeches Scott, Andrew Northern Lights: The Positive Policy Example of Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway
2015 Addressing Homelessness McLucas, Jan Address from Federal Shadow Minister for Housing and Homelessness
2015 Addressing Homelessness Bettison, Zoe Official Conference Opening
2015 Addressing Homelessness Wilson, Tim Address from Human Rights Commissioner
2015 Addressing Homelessness Beer, Andrew 2015 Homelessness Update
2015 Addressing Homelessness Disney, Julian National Prosperity and Social Justice
2015 Addressing Homelessness Smyth, Paul Phoenix Rising:  Renewing the Voluntary Sector in Australia
2015 Addressing Homelessness Admans, Sylvia Dynamic Community Connections: strengthening the homelessness sector
2015 Addressing Homelessness Beer, Andrew Homeless South Australia:  A 2015 Stocktake of Homelessness Issues in South Australia (research paper commissioned by Dunstan Foundation)
2016 Lowitja Oration Arnold, Lynn

2016 Lowitja O'Donoghue Oration - “Lingua Nullius: A Retrospect & Prospect about Australia’s First Languages.”

2016 Mental Health Project

McKay, Tania and

Goodwin-Smith, Ian

Mental Health: Exploring Collaborative Community Reform in South Australia (full report)

Executive Summary

A research report prepared by the Australian Centre for Community Services Research, Flinders University, supported by The Mental Health Coalition of South Australia and the Don Dunstan Foundation

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