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Co-operatives Forum: Opportunities for Care Services

With the NDIS disrupting the care market place, the role of co-operatives in the new world of consumer led care now provides key opportunities for this sector.

For those working in the disability services, health, or well-being sectors, this event was a unique opportunity to attend a forum presented by the state government, to examine the value creation potential of co-operatives. Participants also learnt about the successful care co-operatives in the UK and how they can work here in South Australia.

The forum featured keynote presentations from international experts in care co-operatives and social enterprise, Dr Guy Turnbull (UK), and CEO of the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals, Melina Morrison (Sydney).

The program included a showcase of the collaborative business models explored in the Growth Lab for Health, Ageing and Disability and presenters provided practical advice on how to design and run a co-operative here in Australia.


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (video)
Rob DiMonte, Deloitte

Opportunity Spaces for Collaboration (video)
Suhit Anatula, Business Models Inc

Cooperatives Forum: Opportunities for Care Services (video)
Dr Guy Turnbull

Cooperatives Forum: Opportunities for Care Services (video)
Melina Morrsion, Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals


Presentation Slides

Co-operatives Forum (PDF)
David Pearson, Dr Guy Turnbull & Suhit Anatula

Co-operatives Forum: Opportunities for Care Services (PDF)
Melina Morrison, CEO, Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals

Who is the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals Australia? (Video)
Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals

Presenter Bios:

Dr Guy Turnbull

Guy has been embedded in the co-operative and social enterprise sector since 1988, and former full-time managing director of Care & Share Associates Limited (CASA) – an employee owned social enterprise he helped to found in 2004. Previously he worked across the UK as a social economy consultant, specialising in business planning, social franchising and replication, programme leadership, training, research and strategic planning.

His recent achievements include:

Driving the growth of Care & Share Associates Limited, from start-up pioneering social franchise to £17m t/o employee owned social enterprise, weekly delivering 23,000 hours of domiciliary care across 9 territories in Northern England. Creating ‘RED’ (Rapid Enterprise Development Workshops) - an innovative training approach to social enterprise development with people with a disability.

In 2016 his work in the care sector was recognised by The Great British Care Awards where I became national winner in the ‘Outstanding Contribution To Social Care’ category. He was also the winning UK national finalist in EY’s prestigious global competition, ‘Entrepreneur Of The Year’. Here, the judges cited strong clarity of direction together with success in developing a highly innovative business model that meets not just customers’ demands but also those of CASA’s employees, as winning factors. In 2017, his work in shaping, guiding and championing the social enterprise movement was recognised by Social Enterprise UK, through the award of an Honorary Fellowship.

Melina Morrison

Melina Morrison was appointed the CEO of the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) in July 2013. The BCCM formed in 2013 following a national campaign Melina led in 2012, to raise awareness of the contribution of co-operative businesses in the Australian economy.

From 2010-2013 Melina headed the national Steering Committee and Secretariat that oversaw Australia's International Year of Co-operatives (IYC) campaign. Highlights included the successful campaign for an IYC commemorative coin and stamp series and Australia’s first national mapping project for the co-operative and mutual sectors. She is a founding director of the co-operative businesses advocacy organisation, Social Business Australia, established in 2009 to increase recognition of the added value of member based business in the national economy.

For the last ten years, Melina has headed media campaigns for peak co-op bodies including the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA). Melina wrote and produced the flagship ICA Digest (2006-2012) and was on the international media team for the ICA in 2012 as the world celebrated the International Year of Co-operatives.

Melina is an associate of media firm, Sommerson Communications, which developed the strategy for the global digital case study site Her communications experience has been utilised by the ICA in its ten year plan - Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade - for which she has developed the message platform.

Suhit Anantula

Suhit works at the intersection of entrepreneurship, design and social sciences with a focus on social change. His focus is to solve adaptive social challenges and is a consultant and facilitator for innovation, business models and strategy.

Suhit works across sectors such as families, child protection, domestic violence, ageing, arts and cultural sector, educational challenges, indigenous issues, digital technology, environment, food and nutrition. He partners with individuals in governments, business, social enterprises and social sector organisations to create better outcomes for people.

Suhit holds an MBA from the International Graduate School of Business and blogs at Some of Suhit's previous work includes:
- Creating Adaptive Strategies for organisations to have clarity of purpose and create value
- Using Lean Startup and other principles to enable public sector innovation

Panellist Bio:

Gillian McFee

Gillian is known for being strategic and curious about exploring better ways to increase the productivity of public services. With a track record in senior executive and non-executive roles across the public and private sector, Gillian’s strengths are in co-designing and negotiating great strategy, then knowing how to execute it.

Gillian is an adviser to the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutual (BCCM) chairing its Public Service Mutuals Task Force. Gillian also led the BCCM’s role on the staff engagement stage in forming the CYS Mutual for the South Australian Government and the NDIA.

After busy CEO and senior executive roles in Government and the non-Government sector, in 2011, Gillian has been running her own advisory and consulting business – developing a successful portfolio career including various board roles, mentoring and projects. She has learned what it means to work from the outside in!

Gillian’s deep experience in health and human services in both Government and non-government roles has enabled her to see different ways of delivering services in new consumer directed markets such as the NDIS, mental health and aged care.

Gillian discovered the power of member-ownership when she worked with the NRMA from 2011-2015. Gillian has since developed unique knowledge about how a particular form of mutual - where workers are the members, has been very successful in increasing the productivity of public services.

Designed by: Business Models Inc.

Business Models Inc is an award-winning international strategy design firm headquartered in Amsterdam. They recently won the Good Design Award for enabling the Royal Society for the Blind to create an run the "Ideas Innovation Hub". They recently ran the "Impact Accelerator", where eight disability organisations created 26 business models in 100 days and The Growth Lab, where 14 organisations collaborated across Health, Ageing and Disability.

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