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Don Dunstan

We have faltered in our quest to provide better lives for all our citizens, rather than just for the talented, lucky groups. To regain our confidence in our power to shape the society in which we live, and to replace fear and just coping with shared joy, optimism and mutual respect, needs new imagining and thinking and learning from what succeeds elsewhere. The Hon Don Dunstan AC QC

Image on rightDon Dunstan was one of Australia’s most charismatic, courageous, and visionary politicians; a dedicated reformer with a deep commitment to social justice, a true friend to the Aboriginal people and those newly arrived in Australia, and with a lifelong passion for the arts and education.  He took positive steps to enhance the status of women.

Most of his reforms have withstood the test of time and many have been strengthened with time.  Many of his reforms in sex discrimination, Aboriginal land rights and consumer protection were the first of their kind in Australia.

He was a leading campaigner for immigration reform and was instrumental in the elimination of the White Australia Policy.  He was instrumental in social welfare and child protection reforms, consumer protection, Aboriginal land rights, urban planning, heritage protection, anti-discrimination laws, abolition of capital punishment, environment protection and censorship.

Don Dunstan Foundation

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